For projects, in addition to the criteria of price, quality and product design, construction progress is always an important factor determining success. In order to meet this decision, FV aluminum factory has been applying many measures to ensure the construction progress as committed to customers such as:

• Make a clear and detailed production and construction plan
Make detailed plans for the production and processing of products for the project at the factory to ensure on schedule, designs and quality. List the jobs to be done at the construction site to arrange human resources to meet the workload.

• Operate the project in a scientific manner with a team of professional staff
Policy to use highly skilled workers, arrange reasonable use in each job, each stage.

• Always have a plan to deal with unusual impacts from the outside
The direct impacts on construction such as weather, natural disasters, environment, epidemics… are difficult to determine in advance. Therefore, we always actively develop plans to best deal with such situations.

• Always ensure maximum safety during construction
Occupational safety is always a top priority, workers are equipped with all necessary protective gear and first aid boxes, always check the condition of machines to ensure standard operation.

• Check the quality of the work continuously
Continuous inspection will help not only to ensure that each erection item is strictly controlled for quality, but also to ensure the committed schedule.

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