The Importance of Airtight Performance in Aluminum Doors

The Importance of Airtight Performance in Aluminum Doors:

☘️ Airtight performance:
? Is the ability to separate the air between two environments, creating an isolated space. From there, it helps to ensure that the air inside the room is always clean, preventing bad factors affecting the quality of life.
The gaps around windows and doors are often the main source of air escape, causing air to often penetrate, affecting life and activities.

☘️ The role of airtight aluminum doors:
Helps keep the air inside the room clean.
? Protect living space from pollution such as dust, toxic gases, odors.
? Minimize cleaning time.
? Helps save energy when using coolers, air conditioners or heaters.
? Improve the health, spirit and quality of life of the owner.

☘️ FV aluminum products:
? Fully meet import standards, optimize airtight performance.
? Profile with a special shape that slides along the door guide to create maximum tightness when closing.
? High-grade gasket system helps prevent air from entering the gaps.
? Synchronous accessories, specially designed to maximize the gap between the cover frame and the wing.

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