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Profiled dates are types of aluminum that have undergone metal processing in order to maximize the physical properties of aluminum. Aluminum profile extrusion is an industrial method of making aluminum profiles by extruding materials at high pressure through an extrusion die. Here are some features of the extrusion mold to help you understand more about the production process of aluminum profiles, a material that is increasingly widely used in mechanical, industrial and daily life.
➤ Aluminum billets must be heated between 700 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
➤ High pressure is used to force the aluminum billet through the die, stretching the billet into the predefined shape of the die.
➤ The mold is the most important element of the pressing process (even the most modern presses will not be able to produce good products without the right mold).
➤ To optimize the molding process, it is necessary to have design criteria and precise mold manufacturing methods.
➤ A typical mold set consists of: mold, auxiliary die, mold jacket, mold buffer and auxiliary spacer, installed in a tool holder/container.
➤ A closed sliding door keeps the installation protected from the force of the press.
➤ Sub-mold and mold cushion provide uniform pressure distribution and mold support.
➤ Most molds have complex shapes, the internal design has many meticulous angles, avoiding increased deformation during heat treatment.
➤ The mold heat treatment process must achieve the specified mechanical properties, without cracks and deformations.
➤ With product details with simple, closed and seamless contours.
➤ For products with complex profiles, hollow cavity design inside aluminum bar, double mold with 2 layers of mold is applied.
➤ Mold size depends on the machine.
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