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Prepare all the tools:
The tools include: wiper, glass cleaning cloth, glass cleaner, spray bottle, bristles. If the terrain is high, you should prepare an extra seat belt to ensure safety.
In this case, it is recommended to use glass cleaner with as little foam as possible, using a specialized cleaner will help clean the glass faster without worrying about dust or soap on the glass.
Correct technique:
Use a broom to blow away the dirt first. Then put the glass cleaning cotton in the glass wash basin and then proceed to clean the glass door to clean the aluminum, glass and door frames.
Use the wiper to clean the previous water on the glass surface. Should pull the lever in an arc and at the end of each stroke, you should wipe the wiper again with a soft cloth.
Use a spray glass cleaner and continue cleaning the glass if dirt remains.
Use a dry towel to wipe off any remaining water, especially in the corner areas. It is recommended to use a soft, non-synthetic cloth to make it easy to clean and does not cause electrical charge on the aluminum and glass surface.
Cleaning glass doors regularly will help protect aluminum frames and glass surfaces from external factors.
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