FV’s Rolling Door

FV’s Rolling Door, WHY IS TRUSTED?

Currently, rolling doors are the most optimal choice for townhouses, it is not only safe, convenient, aesthetic but also very space-saving for homeowners. With rolling doors, spokes are an indispensable part. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the roller door spokes to suit the needs of use. Here we would like to share with you some advantages and differences when using roller door spokes manufactured at FV aluminum factory.
• Aesthetics: delicate design, diverse designs with luxurious colors created from modern, synchronous paint lines suitable for different spaces. Especially, we can paint up to 8.5m . in length
• High durability: with modern aluminum alloy, FV’s rolling door spokes are applied quenching technology in the water environment when extruding, which helps to create products with superior rigidity and durability compared to other products. rolling door spokes differ from mine in windy environments.
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