FV aluminum frame hydraulic doors are often chosen to be installed in fronts and halls for projects such as townhouses, villas, hotels, corporate offices, commercial centers, supermarkets, banks. . ..With the large size of the door, it creates a sense of surface, solidity and luxury for the building.
Advantages of FV aluminum frame hydraulic glass doors:
?? With a team of well-trained skilled engineers, FV aluminum frame hydraulic doors are calculated and designed to ensure sophistication, bearing capacity, good load bearing without wasting aluminum. Currently, FV’s hydraulic doors are 15-20% lower than similar products on the market.
?? Painted with modern automatic lines using AkzoNobel Metallic paint with warranty up to 15 years.
?Come to FV to satisfy your passion for creativity and experience sustainability in every projects.
☎️Hotline: 0912.29.44.99
?Website: nhomfv.vn
?Ha Man Industrial Cluster, Tri Qua, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh

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