To meet the needs of the market, FV ALUMINUM has launched a new system with multiple priority points with system windows. FV-XF door version 160 is suitable for use from residential houses to larger companies such as restaurants, hotels, villas, resorts, etc. With sophisticated and minimalist design, it still stands out with its superior nature. and luxury. The company’s FV-XF 160 aluminum windows offer protection against the elements, durability and color over time.
Window go FV-XF version 160 meets the maximum requirements when opening doors that need maximum space width.
The high-pitched, high-temperature sound helps to avoid unnecessary noises that affect your living, working and resting time.
FV-XF FV-XF aluminum and glass 160 is powder coated, making the window easy to create & maintain.
Windows can use 4D hinges and locking handles more economically with hydraulic hinges and handles, and still bring customers the best luxury and experience.
Using imported materials makes the auxiliary window hard, firm, gentle and smooth, and solid over time.

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