Sliding doors or sliding doors are smart door systems with modern designs to save installation space. Comes with it is extremely good bearing capacity, heat resistance and sound insulation. Suitable for main door types for houses or balcony doors, terrace doors, etc. Not only that, they are also easy to manipulate and use for the elderly to children.
3-wing sliding door has a beautiful, luxurious and modern design.
Can be easily extended to 2/3 of the door area.
The operation of the sliding door mechanism to one side should avoid the situation of strong wind hitting the door, easy to operate.
3-way 3-rail sliding door is a convenient product in saving space when opening and closing the door.
Equipped with 3-wing aluminum sliding doors with clear white glass to help expand space and maximize visibility.
Using imported materials makes the door more sturdy, firm, gentle and smooth, and sustainable over time.

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